About Divine Yoga Life


Divine Yoga Life is registered with government of Rajasthan under the MSME act in Sep 2017. Further all the courses offered are certified by the Yoga Alliance US.
The Centre’s main purpose is to bring about awareness and spread the teaching and practice of yogic science as mentioned in the scriptures and passed down through the ages by sages who themselves were “ incarnations of wisdom ’’. Here at Divine Yoga Life centre we attempt to unshackle the bondage of stress that has engulfed the mind, body and spirit .We primarily believe that yoga is a method of restraining the natural turbulence of thought, which prevents us from glimpsing the true nature of spirit. Yoga is the science of mind control and is aimed at permanent removal of suffering. This we achieve through practice and study of six orthodox (veda based) systems of Sankhya, Yoga, Vedanta , Mimansha and Visesika .
We at Divine Yoga are sanguine with the thought process that yoga is the perfect and appropriate method of fusing mind and body together .The cumulative result is enriching of consciousness.
At Divine Yoga the atmosphere is congenial to learning, all the furnishing at the centre are plain simple clean and utilitarian. We patronize the Gurukul system of training. The student learns yoga under the personal attention and guidance showered by experts.
By establishing a personal connection each student ‘s activities are monitored. The individuals skills are honed as per guidelines laid down in scriptures. Exchange of transfer of knowledge is through word of mouth, physical demonstration by instructions and discussions. Though young we have carved as a niche for ourselves to be one of the best and leading Yoga training centres at Jaipur.

"Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul."
Yoga has a diverse range of things that it can offer. It could be said that a primary goal of yoga is to gain balance and control in one’s life. To free one from confusion and distress. To provide a sense of calm that comes from the practice of yogic exercises and the practice of breath control. The practice of yoga exercises aims at overcoming the limitations of the body. Other forms of exercises are good but good is not enough, they strain the muscles, joints, the entire skeletal system and cause free radical damage at a cellular level.