A Bit About Director

Jitendra Singh Rathore hails from a remote village Jakhasar in Bikaner and since childhood has held yoga close to his heart. His passion for yoga was kindled, fanned and ignited when he saw yoga practiced by elders in his own home. Since childhood he pursued the yogi path emulating his father and it’s his childhood resolve that he earned the title of Yogi at a young age of twenty three. Initial years were spent in acquiring yogic degrees and diplomas from different teachers and institutes. Hobby then turned into passion and later into profession. Thereafter, propagating and preaching yoga, became his sole aim and objective. His dream to spread the knowledge and yoga compelled him to travel places and interact with a varied cross section of society , involving engaging Hollywood celebrities, political leaders, to novices and practitioners. Many have benefitted from his tutelage and have been morphed into leading a healthy and happy life. A large number of students have appreciated his mastery over ashtanga yoga. The teacher training capsule conceived and conducted by him earned laurels for this yoga institute.