Hatha yoga is physical aspect of yoga practice, which is most important preliminary practice of Raj yoga (Patanjali yoga/Supreme yoga/Astang yoga). But it is just not practice of physical postures but in Hatha yoga it means something more.

Healthy body, steady and controlled mind, balanced emotions deep awareness these are the basic and necessary requirements to attain the highest goal of yoga along with happy life and blossomed personality.

Divine life yoga offers special set of hatha yoga practices in deep manner as well as fundamental principles and philosophy. We provide holistic teachings of hatha yoga in our classes. We have all components and classical set of hatha yoga along with new modern scientific approach. We teach following practices-

• Asana (physical postures)

• Pranayama ( breathing practices )

• Mudra and bandhas ( specific gestures and lock )

• Practice of pratyahara and dharana (practice to control sensory organs and concentration )

• Meditation ( result of all yoga practices and realization of peace and harmony in whole personality).