‘Catch them young’ , a chiche but Yoga is a must for the children today. TV, computers, mobiles , Internet keep the children glued to the room and the ever growing weight of the schoolbag precludes them from playing games and undertake physical activities . Here is where the necessity of yoga for going kids comes in . Yoga Expert Jitendra , has come up with a capsule for children which aims at holistic development of children’s mind, attitude, aptitude, well being and personal discipline . This capsule also helps a child to improve his/her concentration ability, memory, social skills, mental and emotional health. At the end of the course the children are transformed into fresh, lively, radiant, relaxed, confident and immaculate.
Apart from basic exercises, the following are also included in the curriculum ;
• Chanting of Mantra
• Yoga with Dance and Music
• Balancing postures with Art and Culture
• Interactive and meaningful sessions with Parents