Regular group classes are conducted daily in morning and evening under the personal supervision of Yoga expert Jitendra Singh, yoga expert Rajshree and his team of experts .The sessions are planned in a manner that all the people whether young or old , fat or lean , healthy or unhealthy can gain from it . Each and every student is personally attended so as to achieve maximum benefit. We at Divine Yoga Life focus on weight loss , a strong and flexible body, peaceful mind , improved immunity , stress relief and increased energy levels. We also tailor make the capsule keeping in with the demand of our customers. In this capsule attention is paid to individual’s physical capability and his ability to keep pace with the class. The training capsule includes asanas, pranayama , Mudras, Bandhas ,Kriyas and relaxation techniques .
The curriculum is planned in such a manner that it is progressive in nature , excitement laden and energy level enhancer. These regular classes pave the way for advanced asana and kriyas.
Some discernable benefits are:
• Improves health
• Gives mental strength
• Detoxifies the body
• Improves energy level
• Relief from stress