“Where science ends, Yoga begins .”

When all is lost but hope is alive, Yoga shows you the way.

Yoga expert Jitendra Singh has sequenced a basic series of asanas combined with breathing techniques and relaxation methods and if done systematically , it can help balance the tridhosa (Vata, Pitta , Kapha) in our body that helps address various known and unknown ailments in our body. Yoga Therapy helps to address various diseases. With over two decades of yoga teaching experience and rigorous research, our methods of applying Yoga as Therapy for various ailments are not only preventive but also curative. Yoga Therapy classes are conducted with individual attention. These classes are conducted under the direct supervision of Yoga expert Jitendra Singh and his team of yoga experts. Individual attention is given to the students and tailor made Yoga sequence are taught according to their ailment and goals that they would like to achieve through the yoga practice. Whether you practice yoga for weight loss, asthma , diabetes, or just general health, this class is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners from first timers to advanced yoga practitioners.

“Yoga teaches us to cure, what not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” -B.K.S.Iyengar