About Divine Yoga Life


1. Why you should join the divine life yoga because we offer unique features of yoga teaching with holistic approach.

2. Classical and traditional form of yoga with scientific approach

3. Creative and experienced based teachings

4. We believe in sharing not only one way communication

4. We believe in sharing not only one way communication

6. Highly qualified and experienced teachers and executive team

7. Screening system and councelling session for betterment of students

8. Health and medical concern during the sessions under observation of medical experts

9. Beautiful, natural, historical and spiritual vibrant locations during the classes which drive students in deep experience.

10. Special events ( musical and cultural nights, traditional food fest, retreat,healing session spiritual tour etc.)

11. Guidance before the course and after the course

12. Familiar environment and sense of belongingness

13. Excellent teaching methods

14. All yoga modules and tecniques based on Scientific research

15. Credibilty and trust

16. Caring and sharing with celebration

17. We provide high quality teaching and guidance for each student to become a qualified and skilled teacher

18. We also provide guidance and mentorship in the field of academic yoga education ( certificate/diploma/bachelors/master courses and UGC/QCI exams etc. )

Yoga is an ancient practical practice which has deep connection with human body and mind. Due to the different thinking and understanding of each person, different subjects differentiate and express the same subject differently. Although the deep roots of yoga have existed in some form through the centuries in the world. but its orgination and evolution along with systematic growth happened in land of spirituality called India. Due to human psychology and different ideas, defferent types of yoga styles and traditions were developed. There are different types of yogic methods in all types of yoga but ultimate goal of all methods is one. Therefore in orders to achieve the same goal, people select various routes according their interest and temperament. That is why gradually the devolopment of seprate branches of yoga went away. Some of the major tradition that have taken place since ancient times as follows-
Raj yoga ( astang/ patanjali yoga )
Hatha yoga
Tantra yoga
Kundilini yoga
Swara yoga
Mantra yoga
Gyan yoga
Karm yoga
Bhakti yoga and many more